Wild Collection is a premier Indian company to venture out in the field of specially designed exquisite wildlife souvenirs. The inspiration behind it came from the Bedi Brothers, Naresh & Rajesh, world- renowned wildlife filmmakers and photographers. For the last four decades their wildlife films have been aired world over on leading TV Channels and have won several prestigious National and International awards.
Today Royal Bengal tiger, red pandas, rhinoceros, lions, and other animals are struggling for survival due to poaching, deforestation, habitat loss to agriculture, dams and mining. Now a bigger threat hangs over their future - climate change.
If the predictions of global warming come true many species would be wiped out from the face of our planet.
The passionate dedication to wildlife, Wild Collection is an endeavor to spread the message of conservation of wildlife that is declining at an alarming rate.
Wild Collection since 2003 has come out with range of high quality coffee mugs, tiger glass pugmark, 100% cotton t-shirts, poly stone elephant foot - pen stand, lamp shade, miniature animals figures, caps and bone china display plates . Special care is taken to maintain real features of animals depicted on souvenirs. For this artists have been assigned to capture actual images of tigers, cubs, snow leopard in its mountain habitat, elephant family, rhinos in their favored wetlands, wood pecker’s family, nesting flamingoes etc.
It’s hard to find a better gift than this at a wildlife reserve, sanctuary or a zoological park. Wild Collection’s international quality gifts are a delight to family and friends who receive them. The beautiful images are so compelling that they leave an everlasting impression.
Each souvenir carries an information card about the animal and its status to sensitize and foster awareness.
Wild Collection hopes by wearing a t-shirt of an endangered species or having a coffee in tiger mugs with your friends you can show your solidarity to save the endangered species and their habitats.
This mother earth is ours and to protect its fauna and flora is our responsibility.