Internationally styled Wild Collection products are modeled on intimate images of wildlife from lush jungles and desolate deserts.

The lifelong pursuit of renowned wildlife filmmaker-photographer brothers Naresh and Rajesh Bedi, to capture the beauty of Indian wildlife inspired
Wild Collection , their creations are the source of many designs that makes it’s every product an object of desire; expert artists capture new images from the very heart of tiger country to add to it’s expanding gallery.

Wild Collection is love’s labour of the young Bedis, Rashmi and Yogesh, heirs to the Bedi legacy of a passionate dedication to wildlife. Wild Collection is their endeavour, through articles of everyday use, to spread the message of conservation of wildlife that is declining at an alarming rate.Rashmi is now married and settled in Australia. She is continuing to spread the message of Wildlife conservation through her passion, "Wild Collection."


Years ago, while our internationally famous wildlife photographer-father Rajesh Bedi would be engrossed in squeezing off frame after frame on his camera, we would stare in wide-eyed wonder from the safety of a riding elephant’s howdah or a machan, at a litter of kittenish tiger cubs crawling all over their mom’s massive body or a baby elephant getting the feel of its rubbery, hose-like trunk. Ever so often, gloomy thoughts of having to return to the dirt, dust and smoke of Delhi and grim, scowling teachers at school interrupted our dreamy jungle vacations, whose end was fast approaching. We would beg Dad to let us stay on with him in the forest, of course without any effect. He would ask us to pack and we would be soon heading home. As he drove us back, we would sit in complete silence clutching at either a stone, rounded and smooth from thousands of years of buffeting in a jungle torrent or the iridescent wings of a dead butterfly neatly preserved between the pages of a book. We carried back these priceless gems, hundreds of kilometers to our homes, to remind us through the school term that vacations would come by again and we could then return to our beloved jungles. Many years later the law would be changed, making it illegal to carry away even a blade of grass from an Indian National Park or Wildlife Sanctuary and our mom, unable to fathom the use of a bagful of branches, feathers and stones and bird nests, during one annual house-cleaning before the Deepavali festival, threw out our entire treasured collection of mementos from the parks and sanctuaries we had visited. In that vacuum created by a bag of trash carelessly discarded, sprouted the seed of Wild Collection. We resolved that never more would the visitor to the park or sanctuary need to sneak out pebbles and twigs for remembrance of time spent in nature’s sylvan lap. We would see to it that there were desirable articles of everyday use, within the reach of everyone’s pockets, to be picked up at every destination of the wildlife and eco-tourist. Each object would carry a message of beauty lying hidden in the dales, groves and thickets of our forests, crying out for people to come and see and then to help save; so that others after them may also have the chance to see that beauty.