The Bedi Brothers, Naresh and Rajesh, have worked together as filmmakers and photographers for over 30 years. They have traveled to the remotest corners of India to produce pictorial books and films on the cultural and natural heritage of the country.
Their wildlife photos and footage while spreading a strong conservation message have also made significant contributions to the subcontinent's natural history.

Rajesh Bedi is regarded as one of the finest photographers of Indian Wildlife. His works have appeared in nearly all distinguished international and national magazines such as National Geographic, Life , Geo & Audubon Society Book and various encyclopedias.
Having held one-man exhibitions of his photographs around the world, his work has widely been appreciated.

Several thousand transparencies and negatives of his work have been archived and accumulated over a period of more than four decades and are available for commercial use.
These photographs include various subjects, from flora - fauna to people & places.

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